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Title: Lost Memories
Characters: Inoo Kei, Yabu Kota, Takaki Yuya
Pairings: Inoobu
Genre: Slice of life (ish), drama, angst, romance, friendship
Rating: PG-13
Summary: I found myself lost in another's body. My name is Inoo Kei, apparently. And they say I have amnesia.

"Kei, you need to wake up."

His mother knocked on his door, sighing. Something was wrong with her son in addition to his amnesia.

"Kei…!" she called, to no answer. "Goodness gracious."

She twisted the door handle, opening the door quickly. "You need to get—"

"I am," Kei whispered, as he stood in front of her now. He was probably planning to open the door too. She expected him to be in bed, so it surprised her a bit.

"And get ready so you can go to school," she added, folding her arms. Then she blinked, looking more careful at her son.

"You look like a mess."

"I know," Kei replied, sighing. "…I really don't want to go to school."

"I don't know what happened, and I won't ask if you don't want me to. But unless you were beat up yesterday, you need to go to university. You can come home after whatever classes you have."

"…I know…" the younger Inoo whispered, trudging out of the room. Oh well, it was worth a try.

His mother sighed deeply, leaning against the doorframe, her arms now dangling at her sides. She wished she could have her son back.

Inoo stared at himself in the mirror, then rubbed his eyes. He looked terrible. Last night, he spent about an hour crying and pitying himself for the lack of any real friends. Everyone was fake, and worked for his or her own convenience. Takaki was just that last straw.  Although Inoo had a bad encounter with Yabu leaving a traumatic first impression, Yabu was a person too. Takaki to break that trust between them using Inoo was unforgivable. And what were Daiki and Hikaru doing? They were better off not even being there; the only person that ever helped him even a bit was Chinen. Unfortunately, Chinen sympathized with the other four as well, not just Inoo.

After making himself a bit more presentable to the public eye and eating two waffles, he grabbed his bag, almost making it out the door.

But then the doorbell rang.

It's fucking 6:45am, Inoo thought. What the bloody hell do they want?

Without looking through the peephole, Inoo opened the door, albeit somewhat violently. "Yes?"

An unfamiliar figure was on their doorstep. He was smiling, though.

"Inoo-chan," he whispered. His eyes lit up, too.

"…do I know you?" Inoo choked out—the young man had stolen his voice. Not only was he attractive and tall, but his aura was charming.

"You do, well, you don't know me now."

Inoo's mother came to the door, seeing who had disturbed at the hour.

"Kohei-kun!" she suddenly yelled and ran closer. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry! I completely forgot you said you were visiting. I mean, I wasn't expecting it to be so early, but I did forget…"

"I needed to see Inoo-chan, ma'am. And his friends told me that this was the best hour to catch him if I really needed to. I apologize for intruding at this hour, I'm really sorry."

"Oh no, no, no. I…wow…you have grown so much."

"It's been about eleven years, after all," the boy named Kohei chuckled.

"Can I have a debriefing?" Inoo requested, having no idea what was going on.

"I'll help him," Kohei suggested, putting his hand out.

For what reason?

"Are you sure? He's headed to school now, dear."

"Completely. I knew, so it's fine."

"Stay safe, both of you…" Inoo's mother said before she pushed Inoo out of the door.

"Oomph, mother…" Inoo muttered, sighing.

Kohei still had his hand out, so Inoo raised an eyebrow. He received an eye roll, and Kohei's large hand grabbed his, tightly. Inoo's eyes widened, but he didn't voice a complaint.

"I'm Matsumoto Kohei," the other began. His smile appeared so bright in the sunrise. "I've heard about your amnesia and…everything. We used to go to the same elementary school, but I moved. I'm friends with Takaki, Hikaru, Daiki, and Yabu too, you know?"

"I…don't…" Inoo whispered.

"Well that's obvious, I guess," Kohei laughed and began walking, still his hand wrapped snugly around Inoo's.

"Why are you holding my hand?" Inoo asked finally.

"It's instinctive for me, I guess. We used to do this all the time, actually. You were my wife," came the nonchalant answer.

It was Inoo's turn to roll his eyes now. "I'm the girl?"

"You were, at least when we were young. You've become much more attractive."

Inoo blushed. This guy was more of a host club host rather than a friend giving out compliments. He was lucky that Inoo found him attractive too. Inoo took a shot.

"You're attractive too. But don't get ahead of yourself. I still don't know anything about you besides your name."

Kohei shrugged his shoulders. "That's true. You used to call me Macchan, for starters. I'm no fairy, but I hope I can solve some of these problems you're having."

"Nor are you a doctor!" Inoo criticized. "If you're trying to figure out how to get my memories back…I don't want that right now, actually, so forget it."

It was hard to stay cold to someone who was so full of the energy that Inoo desperately needed. Maybe it was that jealousy that made it even easier for him to snap.

Kohei appeared discouraged for a second, causing Inoo to feel guilty. Then, a hand touched Inoo's head and ruffled his hair.


"That's okay."

Inoo flinched as he heard those words.

"People are assholes. It can't be helped. It's okay to be pissed off. And it's okay to feel like it's hopeless."

He felt the hand let go of his.

Inoo bit the inside of his lip, trying to hold back tears. What about those words pushed him over the edge? Ah, that was it: It's okay. It wasn't what Hikaru and Daiki and Takaki had told him about how he'll eventually get his memories get back so it was okay, but rather it was okay to feel as if there was no way out.

He didn't realize when Kohei wiped away his first tear. He did notice when Kohei pulled him aside and off the road to an empty park to avoid catching public eye's attention.

"Ahh…ahh…" Inoo sobbed quietly, trying to get rid of the tears as quickly as possible.

Kohei was gently smiling in front of him, and Inoo felt ridiculous to cry in front of this stranger that he had met only a few minutes ago. He felt pathetic for crying in public, too.

"It's okay…" Kohei whispered again. "It sucks, right?"

Inoo nodded. It did.

"This is unfair."

Inoo nodded again.

"And you don't deserve this."

Inoo choked on his tears.

Kohei's hands comforted Inoo's back, rubbing from his shoulders to the middle of his spine continuously. It felt nice to know that someone was there to catch you when you fell.

"I might not understand myself the equivalent of what you're feeling now…" Kohei whispered. "But…I do know how to help people let go. And sometimes, you just have to cry it out."

Inoo took slow breaths, noticing that he was sitting down now on the park bench.

"…My brother died when I was younger. He was older than me, but he was about my age when he died."

Inoo looked up slowly, not understanding why Kohei was telling him this. His eyes were a bit more distant now, and he didn't look at Inoo as he spoke.

"He died from cancer, but that's not important. I remember once, god forbid, I told myself thank god it wasn't me. You know how terrible that is? To think about that, when your brother was lying in the hospital bed, in so much pain that he couldn't even go outside, all you think about is yourself. Maybe it was because I was young and I didn't understand…but before he did die…" Kohei now looked back at Inoo, his eyes serious. "He told me that it was unfair. He told me that he was mad about everything, and that there were so many more things he wanted to do in life. So why him? It could have been a suicidal kid that ended up getting what they wanted. But when he was dying, he told me something else. He said it was a quote he read or something like that. But it was this. You can't just "try hard" and expect everything to be okay. You're going to get fucked over in life, no matter what. But when you get fucked over, cry your fucking heart out. And when life goes your way, be happy. Treasure that moment. You're not going to have amnesia forever, Inoo-chan. …sorry, that was way too stupid and sappy coming from someone you just met, wasn't it?"

Inoo laughed a bit and nodded. "It's okay…" he whispered.

Kohei breathed out slowly and smiled. "But…we should face this head on."

Inoo wiped his eyes once more, and tilted his head. "What do you mean?"

"We're going to Yabu."


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Mar. 29th, 2015 03:04 pm (UTC)
Oh! I am first?
Kohei is in this story. I like Kohei! Kohei to the rescue?
And he's going to help Inoo? Take him to Yabu?
I hope Inoo and Yabu can talk to each other properly. Thanks for the update Izumi-chan and okaeri.
Mar. 30th, 2015 07:02 am (UTC)
You are! I didn't "advertise" it in HSJ Fanfics yet since I added Kohei and I kinda wanna make sure I'm not going everywhere with this story xD
Apr. 18th, 2015 08:59 pm (UTC)
WHAT?! Kohei brings Inoo to Yabu?? What happened here??!!
Please update soon, you left me dumbfounded here(・_・;)

im waiting for this chapter all the time, but I always read it thru hsj fanfic so i dont know that you were already wrote the next chap-_-" *such a brainless of mine*

I should've added you at the first place. I'm so sorry:"(
I've added you now, so, I won't missed any updates from youuu~~
Apr. 19th, 2015 12:13 am (UTC)
Thank you! Haha, actually yeah, I didn't post this one on hsj fanfics because it strayed so much from my original intent...I haven't updated lately because I've actually been trying to finish this fic and another one so I won't be writing impulsively xP I forgot how hard it is to finish stories lol

HAha thank you for adding me xDI added you back :D
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