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Title: Untitled

Characters: Inoo Kei, Yaotome Hikaru
Genre: Horror
Rating: PG
Summary: Inoo was unforgiving, but Hikaru wasn't one to drag things on forever.
Notes: Only 190 words, so a bit too short to give a title. This is something I came up watching a gun scene from some TV show my dad was watching. Implied character death?

“Yabu was scared. So scared. I thought he was going to die just standing there!” Inoo laughed. “It’s unfortunate that I can’t see the same thing again.”

Hikaru stood, his expression unreadable. His eyebrows were slightly furrowed, but he seemed indifferent to the gun pointed at him. “You’re making a wrong decision, Inoo-chan.”

“Yabu said the same thing. And I’ll tell you exactly what I told him after that.” Inoo smiled wide, moving his bangs away from his face. “I hope when you die, you’ll realize all your own wrong decisions.”

“You talk too much.”

“I wish I could slay you. I wish I could cut you to pieces. There’s just no time for that, unfortunately.” His hair was tainted with blood of Yabu, which smeared his forehead when he moved his hair. “So I have to make this quick.”

“And so do I.” Hikaru reached into his pockets, brandishing two guns.

Inoo smirked and fell back as two bullets struck his abdomen.

“I’ve always liked challenges,” he whispered, closing his eyes, spinning his gun once in his right hand. “Unfortunately for me, you’re always straight to the point, Hikaru.”

He coughed, chuckling as his own blood touched his face now.